Minimalist wallet

Minimalist wallet

A wallet or cardholder aimed to minimize bulkiness as their main design (ergonomics) goal. Many of these wallets are prototypes or crowdfunding-reliant.


(Non-exhaustive list showing concept wallets)

  • Skeleton wallets - based on a skeleton of rigid material (metal, plastic, wood…) and a elastic band to hold cards and money. Very minimalist, with wallet size reduced to card sizes and bulkiness mostly dependent on the amount of cards and money used. E.g., N1, Imosi
  • Combination wallets - based on detachable walls. The degree of minimalism can be managed to suit the occasion, from a skeleton wallet to more 'traditional' wallet. E.g., iMoney, Qutton, Pitaka, Mag
  • Electronic wallets - new technology aiming to replace credit cards by storing information onto a single multi-purpose card. E.g., Spend

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