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Ergonomization (n) is the application of ergonomics (understood in a broad sense) to our lives. In this case, ergonomization needs to be understood as the process of designing and providing humans with tools to assist them in their tasks and lives. Thus, the use of tools, the improvement in displays, the application of ergonomics to tool and display design, etc, are all examples of ergonomization.

Ergonomization is being used here as a broad concept to differentiate it from others. For example, it contrasts against the concept of automation. While the later attempts to eliminate the human from operations and substitute it with machines, ergonomization aims to improve human performance with the help of better tools. Yet, many "tools" already incorporate automatic processing, thus making it hard to differentiate between both concepts at times. For example, a typical desktop computer can be considered a tool, yet many of its processes are automatic.

Ergonomization is also different from mechanization, understood as providing human operators with machinery that assist them with the muscular requirements of work (Wikipedia, 2010). In fact, mechanization is a way of ergonomization.

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