Tortilla chip production

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Tortilla chip production

Tortilla chip manufacturing

A typical production process for tortilla chips is that illustrated on 'How it's made' (MAJ, 20082):

  • Maize flour, sugar, salt, starch and other minor ingredients are mixed with water into a dough, and kneaded.
  • The dough is then broken into smaller parts and spread out appropriately to prevent clumps and uneven width in preparation for the rollers.
  • The dough is then pressed into a thin sheet and cut into triangular shapes. A quality control is done at this stage to ensure the chips are not too thin or to bulky: if too fat, they may not cook properly, if too thin, they may burn easily or break up during storage.
  • The chips are then pre-cooked in an oven, after which another quality control is done to ensure the chips have not burnt.
  • The cooking of the tortilla chips is finalized by frying.
  • Seasoning and any flavoring is then added by spraying the chips with oil and seasoning dust in a tumbler.
  • The finalized product is then ready for weighting, packaging and distribution.
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Home-made tortilla chips

A home recipe for tortilla chips requires the making of the tortilla first3, then the chips, as illustrated on 'Howcast' (20101):

  • Corn flour and other ingredients are mixed with water, and the resulting dough is kneaded.
  • When ready, the dough is divided into small balls,
  • each ball is flattened to make a tortilla,
  • and the tortilla is pre-cooked in a frying pan (or oven).
  • After pre-cooking the tortillas, they are brushed with oil
  • and cut into triangular pieces.
  • The chips are then seasoned,
  • and, finally, oven-cooked (or deep fried) until crisp.
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(Video embedded from YouTube on 20 February 2012)


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