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National Geographic - Searching for planets similar to Earth
This article by National Geographic summarizes where we stand today in our goal of finding Earth-like planets. Although "seeking new earths" is still the realm of cosmology than of evolutionary theory, the real motive of this search is to "prove" (or otherwise) that life has evolved in other planets in the universe. (The printed article is in FERRIS Timothy (2009). Worlds apart. National Geographic 2009, vol.216, n.6, pp.78-93.
National Geographic - The evolution of pollen
This article by National Geographic is a short introduction to the evolution of pollen (in unison with plants), to the point where "in the 300,000 pollen-bearing plant species on Earth, there are 300,000 different forms of pollen". (The printed article is in DUNN Rob (2009). Love is in the air. National Geographic 2009, vol.216, n.6, pp.120-133.

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