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Pilot Fatigue Survey: Exploring Fatigue Factors in Air Medical Operations
Pilot see, Pilot do: Examining the predictors of pilots' risk management behaviour.
Pilots - Are Two safer than One?
Pilot's invulnerablility perceptions in general aviation
Pilots Visual Scanning Adequacy
Pizza production
Plantain chip production
Plastic bottle manufacturing
Popcorn production
Potato chips production
Potato crisps production
Prediction of Skytrax airline rankings, short formula (2011) (2e)
Prediction of Skytrax airline rankings, short formula (2e) - 2010
Prediction of Skytrax airport rankings, short formula (2011) (2e)
Prediction of Skytrax airport rankings, short formula (2e) - 2010
Prehistoric predator Entelodon
Prehistoric Predator Hyaenodon
Pretzel production
Prior Sleep, Prior Wake, and Crew Performance During Normal Flight Operations.
Pseudoscience in Goode (2002)
Range (calculation)
Rank skewness
Real Speech Versus Synthetic Speech
Recommended Dietary Intakes (RDIs)
Referential AUD based on CPI (2013e)
Referential CAD based on CPI (2013e)
Referential CHF based on CPI
Referential currency (list of topics)
Referential currency (r)
Referential EUR based on HICP (euro area, 2013e)
Referential GBP based on CPI (2013e)
Referential JPY based on CPI (2013e)
Referential NZD based on CPI (2013e)
Referential RUB based on CPI
Referential USD based on CPI-U (2014e)
Relational coordination
Relationship between flight performance and psychological characteristics in GA pilots
Relationship between pilot duty hours and accidents - 2002
Risk Perception Comparison Between Expert and Novice Helicopter Pilots
Safety management systems in aviation maintenance - 1997
Safety management systems in aviation maintenance (descriptive statistics) - 1997
Salt production
Sandwich cookie production
SHELL model of human factors
Short-Term Memory
Sig - disambiguation
Sig - level of significance
Sig - p-value
Significance - disambiguation
Significance testing
Silence That May Kill-When Aircrew Members Don’t Speak Up and Why
Simulation: black hole catches star - 2011
Simulation (list of topics)
Simulation: nutritional balance of breakfast meals - 2012
Situational Awareness
Sleep disruption on the Asia–Pacific route - 2010
Snack cake production
Social loafing
Soft drinks production
Spatial Disorientation
Spearman's rho
Spectacles / glasses manufacturing
Standard deviation
Standard value of money
Standford Prison Experiment
Statistical hypothesis inference testing
Statistical significance
Statistics (list of topics)
Steel drum manufacturing
Steel manufacturing
Student pilot perceptions regarding failures to report safety occurences
Student pilots' perception of the effects of consuming energy drinks - 2010
Subjective measure of the effect of caffeine
Sunk cost effect
Survey of Severe Spatial Disorientation Episodes in Japan Air Force Fighter Pilots Showing Increased Severity in Night Flight
Sword replica production
Team Thinking Styles
Tests of acceptance and confidence intervals
Tests of significance
Tests of significance (advanced)
Tests of significance (intermediate)
Tests of significance (intermediate)
The effect of Energy Drink Consumption on Collegiate Flight Students’ Pilot Skills in a Simulated Flight Environment
The effect of listening to music on the stress levels of air traffic controllers
The Effect Of Propaganda About Climate Change On People
The Effectiveness of a personal training device, a flight training device in conducting an instrument proficiency check
The effectiveness of stress training in performance enhancing in stressful flight
The effects of emotion on pilot decision-making: A neuroergonomic approach to aviation safety.
The Human Error Template: Increased Safety & Reduced Risks in SOPs
The identification of human errors leading to accidents for improving aviation safety


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