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Eye movements as an indicator of situation awareness in a flight simulator experiment
Factors Affecting the Learning of a New Air Traffic Control Sector for Experienced Air Traffic Controllers
'Facts Up Front' versus 'Traffic Light' nutrition labels - 2011
Fatigue Prevalence and comparison study in Portuguese Airline pilots
Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying: Sensitivity to suffocation signals
Fiber optics manufacturing
Fish processing
Fisher-Gigerenzer's tests of significance
Fisher's tests of significance
Fisher's thoughts about tests of significance - L2
Flicker vertigo
Flight crew on-board sleep quality and quantity research
Flight Hours and Technical Pilot Performance
Flight performance and alcohol postintoxication
Flour production
Food production
Food technology
Frozen French fries production
Fruit juice production
Fruit processing
Gender Effects on Mental Rotation in Pilots vs. Nonpilots
Geologic time scale
Glass block manufacturing
Glass bottle manufacturing
Glass marble manufacturing
Global warming
Group polarization
Ham production
Hammer manufacturing
Hazardous Attitudes
Health claims and nutritional balance
Health claims and the BNI of yogurts - 2011
Heuristic- representativeness
Heuristic-based modeling of group dynamics
Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions
Honey processing
Hot dogs production
Human error and safety
Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
Human Factors, their Interactions and their Influence on ATC Performance
Human risk factors associated with runway incursions
Hydrodynamics: cat drinking
Hydrodynamics: dog drinking
Hydroponic food production
Hypothesis testing - disambiguation
Ice cream production
Impact of NextGen Operational Improvements on the Traffic Manager
Individual Differences in Multitasking Ability and Adaptability
Inferential statistics
Infrared spectrum in astronomical observations
Interquartile range
iPhone GPS reliability in general aviation - 2010
Jelly beans production
Judgements of likelihood under hypoxic conditions - 2010
Judgements of likelihood under hypoxic conditions (descriptive statistics) - 2010
Kelp caviar production
Kind and balance of breakfast cereals - 2012
Kinds of food and nutritional balance
Knowledge management
Leadership roles and responsibilities of cockpit and cabin crews during emergencies
Life without people
Long-term Memory (LTM)
LRO images of Apollo sites - 2011
Magnetospheres in exoplanets
Mann-Whitney U Test
Marketing claims and the nutritional balance of breakfast cereals - 2012
Marketing claims and the nutritional balance of yogurt - 2011
Marshmallow cookie production
Measures of central tendency
Measures of dispersion
Measuring General Aviation Pilot Judgment Using a Situational Judgment Technique
Median (calculation)
Methods of Instrument Training and Effects on Pilots’ Performance With Different Types of Flight Instrument Displays - 2012
Milk production
Minimalist wallet
Mirror manufacturing
Misinterpretation of 'p' (1986) (2e)
Misinterpretation of 'p' (1995) (2e)
Misinterpretation of 'p' (2000) (3e)
Misinterpretation of the p-value and of the level of significance (2000)
Modal dispersion
Mode Calculation
Multitasking ability and adaptability in a flight simulator environment - 2011
Mushroom production


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