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A few notes about tests and confidence intervals - 2015
A logical impression of the pilots’ situation awareness: studying relevant human factors tools
A study of input devices for menu navigation in the cockpit
A Two Group Experiment to Measure Simulator-Based Upset Recovery Training Transfer
Ab-initio pilots' performance using T-VASIS versus PAPI - 2011
Accident causation model
Adhesive tape manufacturing
Aerodynamics: hummingbird
Aeronautical decision making in pilot training-CASSENS2011
Aeronautical decision-making
Anti-theft backpack
Arithmetic mean
Arithmetic mean (calculation)
Association between 'Psychological Capital' and 'Safety Climate' among Norwegian air traffic controllers
ATC Data-Block Complexity: A Cognitive Ergonomics Design Approach
Average - arithmetic mean
Average - disambiguation
Average - measure of central tendency
Ax manufacturing
Bacon production
Balanced nutrition
Balanced Nutrition Index™ (BNI™) (2e)
Balanced nutrition (list of topics)
Bni #
BNI of kinds of corn chips - 2012
BNI of kinds of corn chips (descriptive statistics) - 2012
BNI of kinds of corn chips (inferential statistics) - 2012
BNI of kinds of potato chips - 2012
BNI of kinds of potato chips (descriptive statistics) - 2012
BNI of kinds of potato chips (inferential statistics) - 2012
BNI of kinds of yogurts - 2011
BNI (topics)
BNI™ & balanced nutrition
Bow shock in WASP-12b - 2010
Brick manufacturing
Butter production
Bystander effect
Camera lens manufacturing
Cereal processing
Cheese production
Child labour in cacao production - 2010
Child labour in cacao production, II - 2010
Chocolate production
Circadian Rhythm
Circadian typology and the sleep–wake behavior pattern of air traffic controllers working backward rotation shifts - 2002
Cognitive Determinants of Pilots' Effectiveness Under a False Horizon Illusion - 2011
Cognitive Workload: A Flying Training Performance Forecaster
Compact disc manufacturing
Comparing gliding accident causes between inexperienced and experienced glider pilots
Competency Based Training, Syllabus Requirements and Training Costs for Commercial Pilots
Confirmation Bias in General Aviation Lost Procedures
Corn crisps production
Crew Resource Management
Customer feedback and organizational quality
Descriptive statistics
Development & evaluation of the MEDA process
Doomsday - 21 December 2012
Ecological model for history
Effect of Safety Information on Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)- 2005
Effect Size
Effect size estimation for balanced nutrition indexes - 2012
Effectiveness of basic skills training
Effects of caffeine on vigilance and cognition during extended wakefulness
Effects of hypoxia on working memory of pilots
Effects of Low Blood Glucose on Pilot Performance
Effects of spatial disorientation on cognitive processing - 2010
Environmental collapse model
Ergonomic issue in training aircraft.
Ergonomization & Ergonomics (list of topics)
Ergonomization attitudes in general aviation - 2008
Ergonomization needs in general aviation - 2010
Ergonomization needs in general aviation (summary) - 2010
Ergonomization needs of student pilots - 2009
Error (Human Error)
Error Management: Detection & Prevention in Normal Line Operations
Errors of Memory in Air Traffic Control
Errors of Perception in Air Traffic Control
Evolution: a future Earth
Evolution: alien planet
Evolution: flying monsters
Evolution: life in the early Eocene
Evolution: life in the early Pleistocene
Evolution: life in the late Eocene
Evolution: life in the late Oligocene
Evolution: life in the late Pleistocene
Evolution: life in the late Pliocene
Evolution: life in the Paleozoic
Evolution of dinosaurs
Evolution: sea monsters

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