Kinds of food and nutritional balance

Kinds of food and nutritional balance

The nutritional balance of food may differ not just across products, but also across types of products. For example, foods are produced, manufactured and sold according to different purposes, such as to offer cheaper foods by using generic brands (thus passing to the consumer the savings from brand marketing) or to target children as a specific population of consumers. Thus, it is of interest to assess whether those purposes help identify the nutritional balance of foods.

Illustration 1 shows a summary report of particular categories of foods according to purpose. The assessment is applicable to the universe of foods rather than to the particular sample used. Each cell in the table contains a qualitative assessment regarding whether a food product of a particular kind is significantly better or worse than, or equal to, similar products outside such category.

Illustration 1: Kinds of food and BNI™
Foods Kinds of foods
Compared to named brands Compared to adults' food
Generic brands are Children's food is
Breakfast cereals similar worse
Chips, crisps & cravers
Corn chips worse ---
Potato chips similar ---
Yogurt --- worse
(The BNI™ is significantly better or worse than, or, else, similar to, that of products of the other kind; sig≤0.05, 2-tailed)

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