Health claims and nutritional balance

Marketing of health claims and the nutritional balance of foods

Illustration 1 shows a summary report of health claims used for marketing food products, namely on the package or website, and their potential use as proxies for identifying the overall nutritional balance of food products. Therefore, each cell contain a qualitative assessment regarding whether a food product with a particular health claim is significantly better or worse than, or equal to, similar products without such claims.

Illustration 1: Health-related claims and BNI™
Foods Health-related claims
Compared to those without them, products with claims of
Wholegrains are Heart health are [Tick are] Pick Me sun are
Breakfast cereals better similar similar similar
Chips, crisps & cravers --- --- --- ---
Corn chips --- --- --- ---
Potato chips --- --- --- ---
Yogurts --- better better ---
(The BNI™ is significantly better or worse than, or, else, equal to, that of similar foods without particular health claims; sig≤0.05, 2-tailed)

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