Text editing

Text formatting presents the rules and tips for editing text in a way that is clear, concise and coherent. ( You may be also interested in these related links: Basic text formatting, Text management, Text hyperlinks )

Make your pages simple to read, and express your ideas clearly, in a way that flow nicely along the page. Avoid also redundant information, clutter, etc. This applies to the content of any audio-visual support, as well.

You can write clear sentences easily by using your main characters as subjects and express their main actions as verbs. By doing so, you also improve the flow of ideas.

Eg - The Director decided to terminate the program. (Instead of, There has been an affirmative decision for program termination).

You can reduce unnecessary or redundant information, and clutter, by eliminating metadiscourse, obvious information, redundant words, etc.

Eg - During that time, the mucous membrane became pink and shiny. (Instead of, During that period of time, the mucous membrane area became pink in color and shiny in appearance.)


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