Text content should follow accepted conventions in scientific and academic circles in regards to referencing. In-text referencing is 'author-year of work' instead of a numeric footnote.

This site also works with a particular referencing style. This style aims to achieve two goals: firstly, to provide as much information as possible about the reference; secondly, to make it as user-friendly as possible. This is achieved by considering each reference as composed of three sections:

author section title section location section
SURNAME Name (date work). Title. Location, date publication, ISBN

CASNER Stephen M (2008). General aviation pilots' attitudes toward advanced cockpit systems. International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies, 2008, volume 8, number 1, pages 88-112.
RESERVE BANK OF NEW ZEALAND (2010). New Zealand inflation calculator. Retrieved from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand on 24 July 2011.
SUROWIECKI James (2004). The wisdom of crowds (ISBN 9780349116051). Abacus (London, UK), 2005.

Notice that, when referencing outside WikiofScience, the appropriate date is the date of publication (found in the location section) and not the date the work was done (as in the author section).

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