The Effect Of Propaganda About Climate Change On People

Influencing students’ willingness to travel by air

Gilbey, Perezgonzalez and Tani (20101) conducted a study on the impact of information given about global warming on participants’ wish to travel by air. In terms of the Psychological Reactance theory applied in the study, the reactance often encourages people to adopt the opposite behavior or opinion of what they feel forced to adopt (Brehm & Brehm, 19812).

Results are presented in table. The analysis showed that the coefficient of reliability of the questionnaire was acceptable.

Table – The effect for the willingness for air travel
Manipulated students’ response High significance
Aviation students’ response High significance
An interaction between sample and condition No significance


Research approach

This was an exploratory study to investigate whether participants’ willingness for air travel will enhance.


  • A sample of 80 students participated in the survey.
  • The sample consisted of 41 psychology students and 39 aviation students.


  • The amount of desire to travel by air is a dependent variable that changes as a result of changes in other variables, for example the exposition to information. This is of the main interest of this research.
  • Independent variables are exposition to information about how environment is negatively impacted by aviation, aviation background and psychology backgrounds.

Materials and Procedure

The purpose of the 13-item questionnaire was to define how much the students are willing to travel by air.

  • First, total of 39 students, about half of both aviation and psychology students had been suggested that air travel is not good by watching two short videos and by reading a little booklet. Later, they completed the questionnaire.
  • The remaining 41 students did not receive any information prior completing the questionnaire.

Generalization potential

Small and convenient sample of only aviation and psychology students participated in this survey. Thus, the result can only be generalized to similar participants such as aviation and psychology students or aviation and psychology professionals with substantial confidence.

1. GILBEY Andrew, Jose D PEREZGONZALEZ & Kawtar TANI (2010). The effect of propaganda about climate change on people's desire to fly. Aviation Education and Research Proceedings, vol 2010, pp 21. ISSN:1176-0729.
2. Sharon BREHM & BREHM Jack W (1981). Psychological Reactance: A Theory of Freedom and Control. NY: Academic Press.

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GILBEY et al's (2010) article
You can read the full article under the "2010 Symposium Proceedings", as Andrew GILBEY, PEREZGONZALEZ Jose D & TANI Kawtar (2010). The effect of propaganda about climate change on people's desire to fly. Aviation Education and Research Proceedings, volume 2010, page 21. ISSN:1176-0729.

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