Ergonomization needs of student pilots - 2009

[PEREZGONZALEZ Jose D (20093). Ergonomization needs of student pilots. Journal of Knowledge Advancement & Integration (ISSN 1177-4576), 2011, pages 48-51]. [Printer friendly]

Ergonomization needs of student pilots

Perezgonzalez & Lee explored the ergonomization needs of student pilots in 20091. They asked a group of student pilots which technological features they wanted to have when flying (with costs also included as part of those features). They also valued the selected features on their relative importance to each other.

The research results are presented in table 1. Overall, the student pilots valued highly technological features that helped them with their flying (eg, onboard display of navigation charts, airspace awareness functionality, pre-flight route planning, and TCAS functionality), low running costs, post-flight analysis displayed on navigation charts, and equipment portability.

Table 1. Relative importance of ergonomization features to student pilots2
technological feature mean* interpretation
Onboard display of navigation charts 4.0 important
Airspace awareness functionality 3.9 important
Low operational costs 3.9 important
Post-flight feedback on navigation charts 3.8 important
Pre-flight route planning functionality 3.6 important
TCAS functionality 3.6 important
Weather and airspace planning support 3.5 important
Onboard display of track flown 3.5 important
Portability 3.5 important
Real-time onboard monitoring 3.4 medium importance
Onboard display of route to follow 3.4 medium importance
Onboard display of elevation 3.4 medium importance
Low set up costs 3.4 medium importance
Post-flight feedback on satellite maps 3.1 medium importance
Post-flight feedback of elevation flown 3.1 medium importance
Real-time remote monitoring 2.9 medium importance
Onboard display of satellite maps 2.9 medium importance
Recording of flight parameters per second 2.8 medium importance
Full communication capabilities 2.7 medium importance
Post-flight feedback in 3-D 2.6 medium importance
Onboard 3-D displays 2.5 medium importance
Autonomy 2.3 little importance
Recording of multiple flight parameters 2.2 little importance
Full post-flight video playback functionality 2.0 little importance
Post-flight video playback capability 1.6 little importance
Fleet monitoring functionality 1.5 little importance
Onboard display of street maps 0.8 very little importance
Post-flight feedback on street maps 0.6 very little importance
*average value out of 5


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